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Get Involved with Open Science

To take your Open Science journey further, explore the websites listed below and watch our ‘Engaging with Open Science 2023‘ webinar series. Each session welcomes expert speakers to discuss core issues in Open Science, including preprints, open data, and open review.


1. Orion Open Science Training Materials: 

The ORION Open Science project is a European initiative to promote Open Science practices and increase public engagement in research. As part of this initiative, the project has developed a range of training materials designed to help researchers and institutions adopt Open Science practices and principles.


2. Open Science MOOC: 

The Open Science MOOC is a free online course introducing the principles and practices of Open Science. The course is designed for researchers at all career stages and covers a wide range of topics related to Open Science, including open access publishing, research data management, and reproducibility. The Open Science MOOC is based on a collaborative and participatory approach to learning.